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Good Evening Tony:

First of all, I need to give huge praise to you and the team you had at the Fulton. This is “Over the Top” true for Chad and Taylor! Never in my wildest thoughts could I have imagined how “Screwed Up” DR-4, the House Dimmer Rack, could have been or was! They truly went above and beyond to work through a whole host of problems and changes.

As of Taylor’s departure today, DR-4 is as “correct” a I believe we can make it. This is 100% attributable to Taylor’s work and patience ( Which I know was repeatedly tried by me trying to unravel 25 years of changes).

As of Chad’s departure after 4:00pm today, RR-01 Is also as “correct” as we / the Fulton need it to be for this year.

Bill Simmons | Senior Lighting Designer
Clair Solutions